Set Sail

Traded the certainty of a pay cheque
For the uncertainty of a bottom line
Out went the corporate ladder
In came the start-up mountain

Head hunters come a-calling
They wave the prospects of a secure future
Ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are built for

To help the rich get richer
Or leave behind an enduring legacy
When my time is up on this world
Am I a person people will miss

Autonomy to work any time you please
But end up not giving any initiatives a miss
End each day exhausted to the bone
Wake the next day ready again to enter the zone

The business environment is dynamic
Competitors never stay static
To stand still is to move backward
To move forward we must run

Who knows what the future holds
Am I cast from a resilient mould?
Will the pressure be too much to bear
Will what emerge be a solitaire?